DeVilbiss Gravity and Suction Cups

Manual Spray Gun Gravity and Suction Cups

DeVilbiss produce a variety of Gravity and Suction Cups for the range of Automotive Refinishing Manual Spray Guns

DeVilbiss Gravity and Suction Cup Spares - Carlisle Fluid Technology
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DeVilbiss produce a range of gravity and suction cups plus accessories for the range of Manual Spray Guns

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

DeVilbiss Gravity and Suction Cups

Gravity Cups Description
GFC-501 568ml (1 Pint) Acetal gravity cup for GTi Pro GTi Pro Lite, GFG & GPi
GFC-502 Gravity Cup Aluminium 1L
KGP-509-1 284ml (1/2 Pint) Nylon gravity cup for GFG
SRi-510 125ml Acetal gravity cup
GFC-515 568ml (1 pint) black UV gravity cup
SRi-42-K3 Pack of 3 cone filters
SRi-478-K12 Pack of 12, 125ml gravity cups for SRi Pro Lite
GFC-402 Lid assembly for GFC-501 gravity cup
KGP-401 Lid assembly for KGP-509 gravity cup
GFC-17-K5 Washer
GFC-2-K5 Pack of 5 drip check lids
KGP-5-K5 Pack of 5 gravity cup strainers for GFC-501 & KGP-509
SRi-8-K6 Pack of 6 lids for SRi gravity cups (HD)
KR-459-K5 Mini cups
GFC-404-K2 Disposable Lid Kit (GFC-502)
Suction Cups Description
KR-566-1-B 1 litre Suction Cup complete for JGA
KR-466-K Cup only - 1 litre suction cup
KR-4001-B Cup Lid Assembly  for JGA Cups
KR-11-K3 Lid Gasket - Kit of 3 for KR suction cups
KR-69-K3 Pack of 3 Leather gaskets for suction cups
KR-115-K5 Drip Free Diaphragm - Kit of 5
KR-483-K10 Kit of 10 mesh KR cup strainers – to fit 7/16” tube, 115 Micron
KR-484-K10 Kit of 10 mesh KR cup strainers – to fit 7/16” tube, 350 Micron
KR-110-K3 Kit of 3 Spot Pots


For use on the materials below:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Other Substrates
  • Primer
  • Basecoat
  • Clearcoat


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