BGK offers precision-engineered solutions with custom-designed infrared curing ovens, gas convection ovens, conveyors, reciprocators, and controls. BGK products are found in many applications including liquid & powder finishing, wax, UV, and adhesives.

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Infrared curing chamber

The electric infrared curing solution is available in:

  1. Infrared Booster Ovens: effective in increasing line speeds and multiple control zones.
  2. BGK Smart Oven: provides valuable data and an accurate testing environment.
  3. BGK Glass Ovens Systems.
    Glass Preheat Ovens: Uniform heat up and accurate input temperature control.
  4. Flash Off Ovens: used between coating allowing the coating to bake or dry and release the initial solvents.

Our Infrared Portable Curing allows for easy maneuverability and accuracy for curing spot repairs, upgrading your curing performance

  1. BGK systems routinely experience 10,000 hours of lamp life!
  2. Flexible heater positioning allows for easy maneuvering in tough areas.
  3. Increase operator productivity